Interviewers have passed the first hurdle. Application documents have been convincing and the HR manager is now interested in this candidate. At this point he or she would like to know the applicant better in a personal interview.

From Facebook to LinkedIn - Online portals have become essential these days. They are especially important for private, professional and social networking.

Nowadays, the implementation of regular evaluation interviews is of great importance. Employees expect to receive feedback on their performance and would like to know how to improve. In order to be able to conduct these evaluation interviews successfully and effectively, some aspects should be considered.


High performers have a significant influence on the overall success of an organization. Consequently, it is important to be aware of the aspects that these talents attach importance to.

As the labor market is constantly changing, methods implemented in the recruitment process have to be adapted. Consequently, it becomes necessary to consider current trends, in order to be able to identify the best talents,

As the generation of millennials will take on many positions in the labor martekt and they tend to have completely different attitudes and expectations, it is important for companies to prepare for the upcoming change.

The first step towards the new job is done: you are invited to a first job interview via Skype. Congratulations! In order to convince your counterpart that you are the right candidate, we present you 10 tips to excel in your Skype interview: