Why Mexico? Strategic Location and Enormous Potential.

Mexico is a very popular location for international companies in various industries, and not only because of its low production costs.

Due to Mexico’s strategic geographic location, excellent commercial relations, and emerging economy, companies can gain a competitive advantage by establishing operations in Mexico. In recent years, foreign direct investment has increased steadily, and new reforms predict a successful course for the coming years.

Are you interested in Mexico as a location for your business?

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Mexico’s Labor Market: A Large and Young Population

The Mexican labor market is defined by a young and well-educated population.

Numerous reforms have increased access to education and strengthened technical training. The constant promotion of educational standards provides high-quality personnel, and national legislation ensures flexible and high-performing work schedules. In addition, relatively low wage increases have been forecast for the coming years. A large network of German companies has already brought many German workers to Mexico.

It is easy to find workers with a low level of education, but there is a shortage of professionals with technical experience and knowledge of foreign languages. Due to the absence of notice periods and the relatively weak employee loyalty, staff turnover is on average higher than in other countries. Therefore, the most significant challenge is the recruitment and long-term retention of skilled workers. Acensblue’s experienced international team will support you with its vast knowledge of the opportunities and risks of the Mexican labor market.

General Data

  • Population: 124 million
  • Economically active population: 82.2 million
  • University graduates: 16.8%
  • Imports: 420 billion dollars
  • Exports: 408 billion dollars
  • GDP: 1.24 trillion
  • GDP growth rate: 2.1%
  • Inflation rate: 5.9%
  • Monthly salary: 667 USD
  • Wage increase: 0.7%
  • Average age: 27.5