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International recruiting

The labor market is in a state of constant change, which means the conditions for personnel search are as well. International recruiting is becoming increasingly important in international businesses, such as companies that have decided to move to Mexico or to open a subsidiary here.

In these cases suitable talent needs to be found in Mexico, which has a distinct culture and language. Additionally, the recruitment process differs in each country, because people use different networks and platforms. In such cases, specialized headhunters have the necessary know-how and experience in order to provide the talent for establishing your business in its new location.

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“War of talent” – competition for the best talent

Because of a global lack of qualified professionals, it is necessary nowadays to include more than just one country in your search for qualified professional staff.

Readily available qualified and talented personnel are becoming increasingly rare on the labor market. This means that qualified personnel can be picky in their choice of employer. The so-called “war of talent” forces businesses to consider how to distinguish themselves from other businesses in the eyes of potential employees, and what to offer them. It is extremely important to convince potential employees of the advantages of working in your business and to continue offering these advantages in order to ensure long-term employment.

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Gaining a competitive edge through international teams

International recruiting can help a business gain several advantages, on top of offering a wider range of professional workers.

Internationally staffed teams offer a competitive edge, because international team-members have special skillsets and contacts to their home country. International professionals in your team can offer support when dealing with foreign markets, such as contacts to suppliers and prospective clients. Additionally, their language skills and knowledge of local customs will be your advantage in dealings with local partners, by providing better communication.

On top of that, representing a wide variety of nationalities in your business furthers a positive reputation. This diversity shows a cosmopolitan open-mindedness that is appreciated by many employees and is becoming increasingly important. Teams whose members have diverse cultural backgrounds are often more creative and more productive than their counterparts.

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The Process

1. Consultation and preparation of profiles

Before each staff search, we will advise you at no cost and without any obligation. Together we formulate the specific requirements of the profile, as well as the skills and characteristics that are particularly important to your company.

2. Publication of vacancies and presentation of candidates

Once the candidate’s profile has been established, we begin the search for ideal candidate. We announce the corresponding job opportunity on our job portal and on many other online job vacancy lists. At the same time, we contact candidates through classic online networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook, and we carry out specific searches in specialized forums and networks. We utilize our extensive network of candidates in our database, as well as our industry contacts and experts.

3. Candidate management

We manage the entire process of candidate application and communication. In a personal interview, we get to know all of the candidates and verify their qualifications and personal attributes. If necessary, we obtain references from former employers and prepare psychological profiles.

4. Candidates for your vacancy

After a few days, we will send you two or three suitable profiles of qualified candidates who meet your expectations. Of course, it is you who will decide which candidates you will meet personally. We will continue to provide support in the coordination, conduct, and, if required, moderation of the interviews.

We will gladly advise you and make you a non-binding offer

We would love to support you in your search for the best, most qualified talent for your business. To this end, we have specialized as headhunters on the Mexican labor market and have access to a large network of international talent. With our experienced headhunting and recruiting team we provide you with the best conditions for finding suitable staff for your business.

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