What is the role diversity plays at the workplace?

by Eva Maria Weininger

What is the role diversity plays at the workplace?

In recent years, equal opportunities, diversity, and inclusion have become extremely important not only in our private lives but at the workplace too. More and more employees are keen to work in a company where diversity is of particular priority. This means that regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, physical ability, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs people should be hired and treated the same. Read about the benefits offered by these companies to their employees:


More creativity

Backgrounds, interests, and personal experiences play a part in everyone's worldview. If the team consists of people from similar social and ethnic backgrounds, the ideas they contribute to in brainstorming sessions will be similar and differences will be unnoticeable. However, if companies praise diversity and this is reflected in their workforce, then a great deal of ideas will be part of the product creation process or so, and therefore more creativity will come along.


Better opportunities in global operations

Also, a diverse team stands for a great advantage to overcome language and cross-cultural challenges. Nowadays, companies, no matter their size, need to think and act globally. A diverse and international workforce is therefore a huge advantage when expanding businesses abroad for there will always be an expert in a multi-cultural team able to build intercultural bridges.


Low employee turnover

Studies have shown that companies embracing diversity have less turnover thus reducing it by 50%. But what is the reason for this? When employees feel neglected, feel that do not belong or think their opinion is not being heard they leave the company. On the other hand, they are much more likely to stay if they feel taken into consideration by contributing with their ideas and creativity.


More and better applicants to choose from

If diversity is currently a priority when looking for new employees and you specifically address all target groups, more applications will be the result., but results will be much better. Additionally, a diverse work environment turns into new internal positions such as Diversity Manager. The goal of the Diversity manager is to strengthen values about Diversity and Equality of Opportunities amongst employees. For example, this can be done through training courses and workshops, and to stand up for them.


Strong performance – Consistently

Happy employees are more committed to the company. Diversity, equal opportunities, and inclusion make employees feel that they belong. Studies have shown that the average employee’s individual performance increases up to 56% when they feel as part of the team.


Better chances for innovation

A diverse workforce promotes innovative solutions and development. Due to the employees’ different backgrounds and experiences; the existing products, processes and structures are rebuilt in a different and innovative way compared to those from a traditional staff. As a result, processes and structures not only become more innovative but can be better adapted to target specific groups and markets.


Positive image

The good image of a company can be spread out quickly, especially when values such as diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities are behind it. Employees are proud to be part of the company and are happy to share this with others. The company’s positive image spreads out rapidly, and potential customers are encouraged to work with the company in a quicker way.

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