What are employee well-being programs?

by Eva Maria Weininger

What are employee well-being programs?

One of the key factors to successful companies is employee well-being. Drastic changes in the workplace as a result of Covid-19 pandemic have stressed the need to provide for accommodation and show appreciation for employees through special programs.

What exactly are employee wellness programs for?

Unity builders

If employees get the feeling they are seen as people than as mere workers, their trust towards colleagues and the company itself will grow. Companies are now able to immensely motivate their employees by providing a space for expressing their ideas and thoughts.

Less turnover

Through the employee well-being programs, employees feel closer to the company thus building stronger bonds with colleagues and supervisors. As a result, employees are more likely to remain in the company for longer periods.

Improvement of professional skills

Employee well-being programs also promote employee’s emotional intelligence which translates into a powerful tool necessary in the employee’s daily life.

Do you want to implement an employee well-being program but not sure how? Read our tips here:

Virtual Challenges

Challenge your workforce! Feasible and attainable goals may include cooking or athletic challenges. Share an e-mail with your employees, on a weekly basis, inviting them to achieve a specific goal within a specific timeframe. Challenges may be assigned to individuals or teams. Small rewards will surely make the challenge more interesting.

Coaching programs

This can be mentoring with other colleagues, supervisors or coaches from other companies or institutions. Coaching programs may be adapted to your specific needs but should show appreciation for our employees’ professional ambition as well as our intention to actively promote this aspect.

Online games

In spite of the distance, online games are a great way to promote closeness among your employees. This promotes teamwork and connects employees and teams together outside the work environment. For this purpose, a great number of Apps or Sites may be found on mobile phones or PC’s.

Online wellness

Although the HR area of a company does not stand as a doctor or a psychologist, they can help to increase employee wellness through simple online wellness programs. For example, yoga sessions or guided virtual meditation. These methods help to increase your employees’ mental health in the short-term as well as in the long-term

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