Three Current Trends of Recruiting

by acensblue

Diversity, new tools used during the interviews and artificial intelligence (AI) are the methods that are gaining more and more importance when looking for talents.

Nowadays, the labor market is changing a lot. Due to the ongoing immigration to countries such as Mexico, a focus on global strategies regarding the recruiting process becomes necessary for companies.

This procedure is influenced by the latest technologies and the current changes all over the world. Consequently, the recruitment of talents has to be adapted. According to the survey implemented by LinkedIn, the employee’s perception, new methods of interviewing and the usage of artificial intelligence will turn into key issues of the current year. Furthermore, the focus on the human part rather than only on efficiency and performance becomes a strategy. In order to be able to identify the high-potential talents, the following trends should be considered.

1. Diversity is the new global mindset

These days, diversity is the most widespread trend in attracting talent. It is not only a factor, that companies have to fulfill by law, but it is also directly related to the company culture and financial performance. In order to achieve the most efficient economic performance and a harmonious work environment, companies have to focus on diversity. In consequence, they are able to improve their corporate culture and promote corporate growth. A diverse team is able to work productively and effectively when the talent’s strengths and innovative ideas are used efficiently. The challenge regarding the aspect of diversity is to find diverse talents. Once these talents have been found and hired, it becomes the task of the company to retain them. One of the most important issues regarding diversity is the inclusion and integration of all the talents in one team. As well as giving each individual the opportunity to express ideas.

2. Reinventing the interview process

Regarding the interview process, new tools have to be implemented, in order to recognize the most qualified and high-potential talents. Therefore, traditional interviews are often considered as ineffective. The reason could be that we assume some characteristics just by their appearance. Furthermore, it is difficult to evaluate their soft skills as well as understanding their weaknesses by only talking or chatting with them. Recent techniques that have become more efficient are:

  • Online Soft Skills Assessments
    This method can reveal information about the candidate’s traits and capabilities such as teamwork and curiosity.  Implementing this kind of assessments enables companies to get to know the potential talents in an early phase of the recruiting process.
  • Job Auditions
    Implementing this technique, recruiters gain the opportunity to get to know the candidates’ abilities in specific situations. Consequently, they can observe for example their problem-solving capability as well as comparing the performance of several applicants at the same time.
  • Casual Interviews
    This kind of interviews differs from the traditional one. They take place in a rather informal situation and offer companies the possibility to get an impression of the candidate’s real character. An example could be an interview while having a meal together. Then different strategies can be used, like for example, asking the restaurant to commit mistakes in order to see the applicant’s reaction.
  • Video Interviews
    To save time, the implementation of video interviews could be useful.

3. Artificial Intelligence is becoming secret weapon

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the creation of intelligent machines that are able to work and react like humans. Regarding the recruiting process, this kind of machines could analyze existing data. Consequently, they can take smart decisions concerning the selection of high potential talents. Due to continuous advancements in technology, it becomes more and more relevant and essential to integrate AI into daily processes.

With the help of the data and Artificial Intelligence, it becomes easier to recognize the candidate’s skills, to retain talents, to understand employees’ needs, etc. All in all, AI can be used to take strategic decisions.

Nowadays, software based on Artificial Intelligence is already integrated into processes of headhunting and recruiting. For example, to simplify the sourcing and screening of candidates.

All these advantages cannot completely replace the work of a recruiter, they can only be used in a supportive way. Abilities such as building a relationship with the candidates, seeing the candidates’ potential beyond credentials and identifying the applicant’s interpersonal skills can only be found in a human being specialized in the area of headhunting and recruiting.

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