The importance of regular feedback and its contribution to improving employees’ performance

by acensblue

An effective performance assessment can have a positive effect on company culture. In general, giving regular feedback and showing appreciation for performance are important. Furthermore, such conversations make it possible to identify and respond to the needs of the employees. Consequently, the company will be enabled to support the personnel to accomplish their goals and to offer various perspectives within the organization.

Many companies only conduct irregular evaluation interviews, which are less effective. However, the involvement of the employees is of great importance; especially regarding the cross-generational and technology-oriented organizational structure that can be found in most companies today.

Nowadays, employees create economic benefits in a new, innovative and creative way. A reason for this is the technological revolution, which is known to simplify interaction with customers, suppliers, business partners and colleagues.

Previously, for decades the employees were valued with the aid of various indicators. The objective was to determine, whether an individual is performing according to the set goals. This method involves a lot of effort and time, but often without achieving the desired result. It is caused by the fact that supervisors only focused their feedback on past events and errors, not on resources and support to improve future performance.

The key to conduct evaluation interviews effectively

  • How to deal with feedback: It is important to learn how to conduct an evaluation interview. This includes, how to give feedback and how to accept and implement this as an employee.
  • Mentoring: Serves to ensure that experienced employees or superiors pass on their knowledge and skills to younger colleagues. This is the most effective way for them to learn and benefit from the experience of others.
  • Effective use of evaluation interviews: The aim is to provide talents with the best conditions possible to develop and improve their performance. It is therefore important not only to evaluate performance but also to look for solutions and possibilities for improvement.

The general objective is to create a work environment, in which employees feel comfortable and recognized and where they can deepen and extend their professional and problem-solving skills. It also should enforce the collaboration within the team. In addition, numerous studies have proved, that apart from remuneration, aspects such as recognition, purpose, and responsibility increase the employee’s motivation significantly.

The implementation of regular and effective evaluation interviews creates a constructive and committed work culture that prepares employees for the constantly changing business dynamic.

A company should use this kind of feedback, in order to improve organizational culture as well as individual performance. A good feedback provider additionally conveys the related expectations employees should meet and creates energy, trust, and confidence in the respective personnel.

In consequence, they expand their competencies, increase their self-confidence and resilience. Furthermore, it is important to offer employees the opportunity to use and to extend their current potential.

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