Recruiting-Trends 2021 / Part 2

by Eva Maria Weininger

What are the expected changes in 2021? The trends that will rule over recruiting process this year can be found in our Outlook section.

Home office, flexible working hours and digital recruiting are new parts of the "new normal". What else will change in 2021? Read our outlook on the trends that will dominate recruiting this year here.



For years, we have been surrounded by clouds in our private lives - music providers and video platforms are nothing more than digital clouds whose content we can access. Cloudworking means nothing other than doing exactly that with all of a company's data: All documents and projects of a company are located in the so-called "cloud", which employees should be able to access not only with their computers but also with their smartphones. HR will also take place in clouds in 2021.


Alliance between marketing and HR

In 2021, communicating the company's value proposition to employees and applicants will be very important. For this, alliances between marketing and HR are inevitable. These focus on data analysis, target group definition, content management and improved communication of core messages. Part of these marketing and HR alliances is also the regular survey of employees to determine the mood of the entire workforce.


Transparency and honesty

As hardly ever before, employees committed themselves to their company in 2020 and often worked harder than before. Employees want their superiors to do the same, and they also need to be heard and recognized more for their performance. In the uncertain times of a crisis, employees need honesty and transparency, especially within the company.  This also includes the right way to deal with mistakes in new situations.


Growing together

The Covid 19 pandemic has contributed significantly to the ever-changing nature of the workplace. The challenge for HR this year will be identifying resources, tools and training opportunities to adapt to the new professional life.  HR managers will need to work more on their leadership skills to help long-time and new employees adapt to the new daily routine. In doing so, growing together and overcoming a challenge takes precedence over performance.


Internal career culture

In 2021, "upskilling" or "reskilling" employees will be a high value among companies. This means that companies will develop their own educational initiatives that allow employees to develop themselves further or they can work on new goals with special career planners.  


As a business owner, how do you think about digital recruiting? What challenges have you encountered in this context? If you would like to share your experiences with us, please contact us by email or via our website. As consultants and experts in recruiting, we at Acensblue can help you find the right candidates for your open positions.

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