High performers within the company – How to identify and attract them

by acensblue

Nowadays, what is important when identifying, attracting and retaining high performers? In the process of headhunting and recruiting there are several factors, which have to be considered. Furthermore, a pleasant company culture could be the source of these talents.

Who is a High Performer?

A high performer is a person who contributes significantly to the overall success or to overall performance through his or her own performance. Consequently, this individual could lead for example a whole team to being successful. In general, a high performer could be everyone. It is said that typical features of people are noticed from their late 20s to their late 30s. These include empathy, emotional intelligence and the ability to cause increased performance in others.

How do you identify a High Performer?

These talents are not used to complete their tasks in accordance with routines. They rather see every responsibility as a different situation and adapt their procedure. In order to identify a high performer, you have to look at their career as a total. Some of the most common characteristics are being self-motivated, driven, empathetic, creative and having a range of innovative ideas. They like to work according to their needs and goals and attach great importance to flexibility, independence, and trust. In general, it can be said that high performers are focused on their performance in every area of their life. Consequently, they seek to reconcile their working life with private life. Since they are aware of their performance and their value, they expect to be paid accordingly. Although it takes more than a good salary to keep the candidate in the company.

What are High Performers looking for?

In general, high performers are looking for an environment that allows them to continue to perform according to their standards and capacity. Working in an environment characterized by hierarchy, bureaucracy or politics makes them feel restricted. Therefore, they will not be able to develop their full potential.  If they are given the freedom and flexibility, high performers are able and willing to incorporate their creative and innovative ideas into their daily working life. These talents do not always strive for a leading position, they rather attach more importance to motivate and inspire others. Furthermore, high performers are looking for a job or task that challenges them, gives them opportunities to develop further and to network. Therefore, they often rely on the support of a mentor to learn from and be inspired by them.

What is important for a High Performer?

  • Room to be creative: Every job should offer these talents room for creativity. It is important to give them the confidence they need to develop their ideas. In consequence, high performers will be able to fulfill all tasks and responsibilities independently. In return, they expect a corresponding appreciation for their commitment.
  • Less control, more flexibility: For high performers, it is very important to be able to reconcile their job with their private life. This means, they are not willing to work for a company that forces them to prioritize one over the other. So, it is necessary to provide the required flexibility.
  • Support in further development: High performers constantly want to develop further and learn more. Therefore, they ask to be supported by their employer by at least getting the time for additional training.
  • Respect: High-performing talents expect to be respected for their capabilities and performance that they are able to provide. In consequence, they want to have a supervisor, who respects them and who is aware of their potential.

If you wish to attract and gain talented employees as a company, the corporate culture and working atmosphere play a significant role.  In general, it is about recognizing and meeting the needs of employees. Furthermore, they should be trusted, respected and valued for their performance and commitment.

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