Challenges from the Hybrid Working

by Eva Maria Weininger

Covid-19 pandemic completely upended our workdays. For a year, most employees went home office. As vaccination progresses, both offices and employees are now facing a new challenge for working days will never be the same as it was before the pandemic. Many companies have now switched to hybrid working, which means some employees work from the office and some from home.

Tips for the employees

Companies should determine which would be the hybrid working key points. These should include accessibility, worked hours per day as well as technical equipment for those employees working from home. Basically, it is all about creating a fair environment for all employees.

How does that look like from an everyday life perspective?

Employers must be careful to treat employees working on site and those doing home office equally. As an example, experience has shown that those meetings involving employees on site and those attending via Zoom are difficult to follow for there are sound and connection problems and therefore, employees attending online meetings get lost oftentimes. It is highly recommended to establish rules and that these rules be applied to everyone. A good practice would be that onsite employees sign in the meeting via Zoom too.

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