Active Sourcing - The active search for staff


Finding new employees is increasingly becoming a major challenge for companies. Demographic change and the shortage of skilled workers are the main reasons why companies are forced to be more active in the search for suitable candidates for their company.

In order to relegate the passive method of publishing job advertisements on internet job platforms, the Active Sourcing method is becoming more and more popular.

"Active Sourcing" is a recruiting method through which direct contact is made with potential candidates. This means special talents are personally identified. This is done through social networks such as LinkedIn, for example. Potential candidates are identified, and initial contact is thus established. In addition, professional qualifications and personal skills are checked with the purpose to consider an interview in the event the candidate is suitable for the position.

The goal of Active Sourcing is to create sympathy for the subject matter company by approaching the candidate directly - through personal contact.

To operate Active Sourcing successfully, following the steps below will greatly help:

Step 1: Define desired candidates

The search can be facilitated by defining the desired candidate profile accurately. To serve this purpose, a profile recording the most important professional and personal competences should be drawn up to be sure we are heading in the right direction. The underlying competences, or the ones we consider as essential, should be highlighted and prioritized later in the search.

Step 2: Define sourcing channels

Since suitable candidates cannot be found on every sourcing channel, this must be selected regarding the defined position. A good example would be - LinkedIn usually provides high-end profiles while social media like Facebook etc. is more suitable for young talents recruitment.

Step 3: Prepare the search

The creation of a keyword list poses a great advantage to simplify the search for a potential candidate as those terms that are often associated with a specific job will lead to effective searches and results. In order to define the required time and be able to work affectively, the number of candidates to be searched for should be defined beforehand for the outstanding position.

Step 4: Finding

Once suitable candidates have been spotted, information about the candidates should be gathered as much as possible. This can be the online presence and how active a candidate is on the platform used. The more information a company has about a potential candidate, the better and more structured first contact can be established thus rising some interest.

Step 5: Prepare communication channels

Potential candidates must feel addressed when contacted. It means that competences the company in question is looking for are clearly defined according to the advertised position by putting the employer branding in the foreground.   

If you follow the above described procedure, nothing will stop the company from actively searching for potential and suitable employees.

Acensblue as a recruiting and headhunting specialist, as well as a personnel consultant, will be happy to support you in the active search for personnel for your company. Please contact us via e-mail or visit our website.

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