A recruiter's tasks

The scope of duties of a recruiter turns more and more comprehensive along with the changes in a working world. This means that the recruiter is not only responsible for personnel selection and recruitment in general, but also supports the company he or she works for in other areas such as personnel marketing.

The following tasks are necessary and indispensable in today’s recruiting:

1. personnel recruitment

In the past, recruitment consisted of posting creative job ads and selecting the right candidates with the right qualifications. The creative design was supposed to reach suitable candidates encouraging them to apply. Nowadays, a recruiter’s task is much more extensive. Selection of the right recruiting channels are key for the recruitment process. Social media recruiting, active sourcing, online job exchanges and mobile recruiting are essential tools for today’s recruiters.

2. employer branding/ personnel marketing

Attractive employers should always be visible to make recruiter’s job easier in searching for and finding the right applicants. On social media, distribution has become essential and utterly important in recruiting. Through recruiters’ support, the employer’s brand must be in constant development. Nowadays, applicants are looking for work-life balance and further training of their own skills. Satisfied employees create a better employer bond.
The way an employer is introduced on social media and on business networks is right now an important part of the recruiter's tasks.

3. events and fairs

Another and indispensable task of a recruiter is to be present at trade fairs, congresses and other events of this sort. In this way, a potential employee can get a first real picture of the company and collect first information. Then, a company recruiter is able to establish direct contact with potential candidates. In real life, this process is also known as active sourcing.

4. contact point for partners: universities

Permanent networking is the base for long lasting success. This is the reason why recruiters are more and more looking for next- generation young talents at universities.

5. internal recruitment

Personnel recruitment from our own ranks is widely underestimated. Development of target personnel or talents’ training may be replaced by people who are already well acquainted with the company, thus opening a wide internal labor market.

6. information structure

A recruiter must always be up-to-date about the latest trends, methods and developments in vogue in the human resources world and get a hold of them. The information structure about the further development of human resources must not be neglected. Digital methods such as social recruiting are in constant development due to digitalization.

The job of a recruiter is varied, exciting and interesting. Since recruiting lives at the pulse of time, actuality always plays an important role.

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