5 things on which recruiters pay attention to during a job interview

Applicants have passed the first hurdle. Application documents have been convincing and the HR manager is now interested in this candidate. At this point he or she would like to know the applicant better in a personal interview.

Before an interview, applicants are typically very nervous and are afraid to say or do something wrong. What they do not know is that there is no right or wrong because human resources staff are trained to test applicants under stressful circumstances asking questions to lure them out of this situation.

Knowledge and skills are highly relevant for the requested position. Technical qualifications are thoroughly reviewed to match the truth. This are not the only aspects a HR manager pays attention to – It is rendered impossible for an applicant to know or otherwise suspect all the questions that will be included in a job interview. Applicants, however; prepare themselves for the interview with the aim to succeed.

During the interview, the purpose of the HR manager is to get to know more about the candidate’s personality, assess it and decide if such candidate really fits into a given company or workplace.

There are a few aspects that should be considered when preparing for an interview:

1. Look

A well-groomed outward appearance is an essential pre- requirement for job interviews. It is also necessary consider an adequate dress code. Body language is also very important for applicants. They should look attentive, listening and showing interest during the interview.

2. Individual answers

In some cases, interviews are carried out by the HR manager with several applicants for the same job position. The purpose of these interviews is to select a bold or keen applicant who in turn has prepared individual answers beforehand. For example, answers regarding the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses that may be pictured with stories of their own personal experiences. Then, the HR manager will be able to associate this applicant with the examples provided and bear he or she in mind.

3. Competences

The HR manager will not only focus in qualifications or academic degrees but in other skills such as working methods or willingness to learn the job. In this way, the HR manager will make sure the applicant is ready to face the challenges ahead.

4. Team spirit

Frequently, HR managers make sure that the applicant’s team spirit is consistent with the existing team. Fitting into the team is considered of underlying importance for the hiring companies. A team player has better chances of getting the job for adaptation will not be a problem and conflicts will no longer be a problem after recruitment.

5. Show interest

Companies are always looking for motivated people. This is the reason why recruiters pay special attention to the applicant’s interest during the interview. Besides the foregoing, the applicant's interest is particularly evident in his or her own questions and this is usually done at the end of the interview. Another key factor is to take the initiative and ask your own questions. Such questions may be concerning the activity or the induction phase with the purpose to show the recruiter the applicant’s interest in the subject matter.

The recruiter must bear in mind, at all times; that the candidate is an asset to the company and the impact he or she will have in the company’s success. If the candidate has managed to show an added value for the company, he has very good chances of getting the job.

It is the first impression that counts! And therefore, applicants should pay special attention to this. Some people are very likable and convince recruiters from the very first moment they walk into the room. Negative aspects may deviate the course of the interview damaging the results. Body language and words are also important.

In other words, if the goal is to be convincing during the interview; it is important to find the balance between personal appearance and self-portrayal.

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