3 Top Trends for the recruiting industry future

A new decade has begun and it’s 3 months from now. More than ever, fundamental changes are expected in both private and business contexts in the years to come. In general, the business environment, but especially the human resources and recruiting areas are becoming more and more agile and are constantly undergoing new challenges. In order to be able to be a competent candidate for the “War of Talent”, it is essential to keep an eye on recent developments.

The topics described below are, among others, expected to be of significance for the human resources sector.

1. The importance of company culture

While there are many definitions, company culture can be defined as the “personality” of an organization. Despite the fact, that company culture is a topic that has been discussed over the last 20 years, it has only gained substantial recognition in recent years. This is mainly due to the fact that it has been statically proven that a strong company culture is closely linked to overall performance, customer satisfaction and innovation. It is also connected directly to the human resources field for company culture has an impact on the company’s attractiveness and therefore on the chances of retaining and attracting talent. This has been duly underlined in a recent survey carried out by “Glassdoor” in which eight out of ten adults stated they would consider the culture and mission of a given company beforehand. Also, one can say that companies of the future would need offering more appealing benefits when it comes to the “tough” factors such as salary and the “soft” factors such as the culture of a company.


2. Mobile Recruiting: Job search through mobile devices is gaining ground

Whenever a mobile device is used in a recruiting process, that is called “Mobile Recruiting”. There are many advantages in connection with: the hiring process becomes more flexible and facilitates communication exchange with candidates. This has been an essential component all these years, however, mobile recruiting aspects and importance have evolved. More than 90 percent of candidates looking for a job use a mobile device when searching for new job opportunities and it is no surprise that mobile searches now exceed 1 billion per month. Many applicants use their smartphones for browsing platforms such as LinkedIn or Xing. In consequence, the Human Resources sector has to react. One way of doing so is through the optimization of their websites to make them mobile-friendly and be open to new technologies and applications.


3. Workforce of the future: diverse and inclusive

Diversity and inclusion at the workplace mean understanding, acceptance and appreciation of people’s different characteristics such as ethnicity, gender, age, sexual preferences or skill sets. Every employee should feel included and safe in their work environment to be able to build strong teams that may achieve the company´s goals. Besides, a diverse workforce means having the opportunity of leveraging all situations when having a group of individuals with different opinions, approaches and experiences. This can help to overcome problems and drive innovation.

Team diversification begins with the recruiting process. Therefore, adjustments in the recruiting process are essential to conform a broader group of potential candidates. This can be achieved, for example, through barrier-free job advertisements or different sources of potential candidates.

In general, we can say that companies and recruiters of the future have to be aware of the fact employee’s needs and expectations will change and so will job-seekers and corporations to maintain competitiveness.


What do you think? What do you think is going to be the Human Resources big topic in the upcoming years?

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